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Ivory Law Group is a boutique corporate law firm leveraging today’s technology, productivity tools , and business best practices to provide exceptional client-centered service at competitive rates.

  • Modern Practice Providing Uncommon Value

The pace of change in the legal industry is accelerating and Ivory is on the leading edge. Using progressive client communication methods, legal process management strategies, and forward-thinking fee arrangements, Ivory leverages modern systems that drive efficiency and quality to deliver exceptional value to corporate clients. Ivory is more than just another silo in your team of legal advisors. As your trusted primary legal resource, Ivory can help you find the right specialist when one is needed, and focus that engagement so you receive better quality counsel while controlling costs.

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The Ivory Standard

The Ivory team is more than just another silo in your team of legal advisors. As your primary legal resource, Ivory provides comprehensive general counsel and advises on a wide array of corporate transactions, including capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate restructurings. In the event a subject matter expert is required, Ivory can help you find the right specialist and ensure legal services are delivered efficiently across all legal service providers.

  • Our Philosophy
    • A sound legal strategy is critical to facilitating growth, and executing that strategy effectively requires broad alignment with business objectives.
    • Ivory must not only adopt the latest proven adaptations to legal service delivery models but also strive to create the best practices of the future.
    • Certain tasks traditionally performed by lawyers or paralegals can easily be automated with new technology. Ivory will implement that technology to improve the client experience and pass through cost savings.
  • Our Values
    • Developing efficient systems and a culture of continuous improvement shaped by client feedback.
    • We are prioritizing transparency, integrity, and consistent communication to build lasting business partner relationships.
    • Remaining at the forefront of best practices in the legal industry and leveraging the latest technology and business processes to drive value.
    • Utilizing a variety of fee arrangements that are best fit for the services performed and the state of our clients’ businesses.
  • Our Mission
    • Prioritize above all else delivering solution-driven counsel that leverages modern technology and business best practices to offer value second to none.
    • Continually build trust with a comprehensive understanding of our client’s businesses and consistent investments in developing strong relationships.
    • Execute a business model that empowers our clients and delivers an exceptional client experience.

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Ivory Delivers Corporate Counsel Differently
  • Strategic Client Collaboration

    In our view, delivering effective legal counsel begins with aligning legal and business strategies. We take a systematic approach with each of our clients to understand your business and industry, develop strong relationships with leadership, and work with decision-makers to devise a legal strategy that protects company assets and effectively manages risk.

  • Subject Matter Expert Collaboration
    Ivory helps its clients identify when they truly need a subject matter expert. In those instances, we can assist our clients with answering the questions that don’t require a specialist, leverage our expansive referral network to locate the right expert, and clearly frame the open legal questions to improve efficiency.
  • Transparency and Open Communication

    When you partner with Ivory, we don’t keep you in the dark about how resources are expended until you receive your monthly invoice. Using enterprise-level security and modern communication channels, we provide frequent and regular updates on the matter status without cluttering your inbox.

  • Empowered by Technology and Process
    Ivory leverages the latest productivity tools and document automation technology to systematize routine tasks that many law firms today complete using costly resources paid for in large part by the client. Through the use of replicable transaction roadmaps and checklists, Ivory minimizes the potential for error and enables the attorney to focus on bespoke counseling incapable of automation.
  • Flexible Fee Structures
    Our highest priority is placed on delivering value to our clients, not on keeping the clock running. We offer a variety of fee structures based on what’s right for your business.
  • Brian G. Becker Photo
    Brian G. Becker

    Ivory’s founder and Managing Counsel, Brian Becker, combines large law firm training in mergers and acquisitions, private equity transactions, and general corporate counsel with in-house experience for emerging growth and Fortune 500 companies. Brian founded Ivory with the goal of modernizing the legal service delivery model to provide greater transparency, higher value, and improved insight into resource utilization.

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