General Counsel

Outside General Counsel with an In-House Presence

As companies mature, building an internal legal function can be challenging. There is often a need for junior- and senior-level personnel, but rarely is there enough work to keep a multi-member team fully occupied. The common solution is to begin building with a mid-level attorney that  oversees a variety of responsibilities within the legal function. Ivory’s general counsel model was designed to fill the gaps. Ivory builds legal teams from top to bottom, combining broad corporate law experience, highly skilled paralegals, and as-needed subject matter experts, to provide clients with comprehensive legal services on a fractional basis.

Our broad subject matter experience ranges from commercial contracting, corporate governance, policies, and procedures and routine employment, real estate, intellectual property and insurance matters. Although Ivory provides a broad range of general counsel services, there are times when our clients need subject matter experts (SMEs) to advise on more narrow and complex issues. Ivory then leverages its referral network to help identify the right SME and can stay involved in the service delivery to ensure often costly SME resources are utilized efficiently.

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Ivory Delivers Corporate Counsel Differently
  • Strategic Client Collaboration

    In our view, delivering effective legal counsel begins with aligning legal and business strategies. We take a systematic approach with each of our clients to understand your business and industry, develop strong relationships with leadership, and work with decision-makers to devise a legal strategy that protects company assets and effectively manages risk.

  • Subject Matter Expert Collaboration
    Ivory helps its clients identify when they truly need a subject matter expert. In those instances, we can assist our clients with answering the questions that don’t require a specialist, leverage our expansive referral network to locate the right expert, and clearly frame the open legal questions to improve efficiency.
  • Transparency and Open Communication

    When you partner with Ivory, we don’t keep you in the dark about how resources are expended until you receive your monthly invoice. Using enterprise-level security and modern communication channels, we provide frequent and regular updates on the matter status without cluttering your inbox.

  • Empowered by Technology and Process
    Ivory leverages the latest productivity tools and document automation technology to systematize routine tasks that many law firms today complete using costly resources paid for in large part by the client. Through the use of replicable transaction roadmaps and checklists, Ivory minimizes the potential for error and enables the attorney to focus on bespoke counseling incapable of automation.
  • Flexible Fee Structures
    Our highest priority is placed on delivering value to our clients, not on keeping the clock running. We offer a variety of fee structures based on what’s right for your business.
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